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11 Uses Of Ice For Facial Treatment

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So, sejak masuk sem baru ni muka aku tetiba naik jerawat berketul ketul dekat dahi and dagu. Maybe sebab stress dengan assignment and persekitaran yang tak bersih. Alhamdulillah muka aku jarang naik jerawat berketul2 sejak aku pakai pencuci muka  Nano White Fresh yang gel colour hijau tu dengan Scrub ST.Ives dan beberapa lagi produk rahsia :P *will make a review soon. In sha Allah*. Pastu bila tetiba naik jerawat ni aku mulalah nak naik gelabah. I ask my friend about how to reduce my acne, and she suggest me to put an ice cube on my face. Pagi tadi baru try letak ais kat muka rasa fresh and sejuk jaa muka. Tapi lepas dah tak sejuk muka aku back to normal balik laa. Maybe kena try everyday baru nampak kesan kot kan? So, tadi ada google kegunaan lain ais ni selain dicampur dalam milo sejuk. kahkah. Then aku pun berhajat untuk share dengan uolss. Happy reading :)

1) After working for a long time, when you feel tired, take some ice cubes and place on your eyes. Your eyes get a soothing effectIt cools them down and gives you relief. This is a very simple beauty tip that you can use whenever you feel tired

2) Before you apply makeup on your face, rub some ice cubes over your face. This makes your makeup last longer. *recommended*

3) During the summer months, your skin gets dehydrated. The face is most affected. In such cases, when your skin stretches and you feel uncomfortable, rub some ice cubes on your face. This gives your face a cooling effect and gives you relief.

4) Getting pores of large size is prevented by using ice cubes. They reduce the large pores and make them smaller. Moreover, the production of excess oil on your face is also prevented. Production of oil is minimized to a great extent, helping people who have oily skin. Take a soft cloth and tie two ice cubes in it. Use this tied up cloth to massage your face. Keep massaging until the ice completely melts.  *recommended*

5) Here is an idea that is even better than rubbing ice cubes on your face. Pour some fruit juice in your ice tray and leave it to freeze. Use these ice cubes to rub your face. This gives your face the goodness of fruits as well, and your complexion becomes more radiant. *recommended*

6) Ice cubes can help you get rid of acne as well. They work really well on your acne and help you get relief. Pricking and piercing your whiteheads and blackheads are bad for your skin, and using ice cubes offers instant relief. Take an ice cube and place it over the affected area. The redness and swelling are reduced considerably to give you relief and a cooling effect.

7) In this heat, getting sunburns is a very common phenomenon. Most people suffer from this issue. In such cases, using ice cubes can give you relief. Take some ice cubes and wrap them up in a cloth. Use this cloth to rub the areas affected by sunburns. It gives a cooling effect and relieves the pain and irritations in an instant.

8) Spending hours at late night parties, and in front of the laptop affects your eyes. You get ugly patches all over the lower eyelids. These dark circles can make your face look too tired and sick. Trying this new tip is more effective than cucumber slices. Boil some rose water and mix with cucumber juice. Freeze this solution. Take the ice cubes and keep on your dark circles. The under-eye circles fade away easily and puffiness is reduced. Before putting in the freezer, remember to let the rose water cool down.

9) There are times when you are in too much hurry and have no time to put on your make up. Stepping out of your without makeup may be something you dread, and you get worried and have no idea what to do. In this situation, ice cubes come to your rescue. Ice cubes can give your face a fresh and dewy look in an instant. Without using any make up on your face, it gives that radiant look and makes your face look fresh and rejuvenated.  Take one or two ice cubes and rub them on your face. Do it when you are in a hurry, and you are all ready to step out. Even with no makeup on, your face looks as beautiful as ever.

10) You can increase the circulation of blood on your face by using ice cubes to rub on a daily basis. Better blood circulation gives your face a natural and healthy glow. Regular use of ice cubes for rubbing has also got the ability to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles. *recommended*

11) If you get affected by heat rash, use ice cubes to treat them. Instead of using them on your face directly, use a soft cotton cloth to wrap them up and press on the affected area. The coolness of the ice cubes gives you instant relief.

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